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Status Cafe

cool stuff!


interneting is hard (free HTML and CSS tutorial)

free hit counters

catbox (image and video host)

css gradient generator


real-time HTML editor

CSS formatter

CSS purifyer

photomosh (online image editor)

ezgif (gif maker and editor)

interet archive (filled with MILLIONS of archived websites, audio, music, games, and much more)

Windows 7 styled CSS

Windows XP styled CSS

image resizer

decoration (blinkie maker)

88x31 button gif collection

tiled backgrounds

backgrounds archive

glitter graphics (the best graphics website tbh)

gifcities (geocities gif archive)

cooltext (animated text maker)

cameronsworld (a virtual loveletter to geocities with more graphics than you could ever imagine)


24/7 metalocalypse marathon (cool little browser games made by the creator of the nyan cat song!) (WATCH EVERY SEASON OF BFDI!!!!!)

avatar cropper

theuselessweb (click the pink button to be redirected to a random website with no purpose whatsoever!) (24/7 live stream of MLP:FiM)

satoarchives (an osamu sato archive)

sato shapes (a web app for making osamu sato-like art)

a video essay about the strange long-haired man you see all over my site, korekiyo shinguji